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Isaiah Robinson

Roman Ingarden The Literary Work Of Art Pdf

Ingarden describes a literary work as "an intersubjective intentional object" (Cognition 14). It has its origin in the acts of consciousness of its creator that are preserved in writing or through other physical means, and these acts are then reanimated (although not precisely duplicated) by the consciousness of the reader. The work is not reducible to the psychology of either the author or the reader, however. It has a history that goes beyond the consciousness that originated it or the consciousness of any individual reader. The existence of a work transcends any particular, momentary experience of it, even though it came into being and continues to exist only through various acts of consciousness. Ingarden argues that the work has an "ontically heteronomous mode of existence" (Work 362), because it is neither autonomous of nor completely dependent on the consciousnesses of the author and the reader; rather, it is paradoxically based on them even as it transcends them.

roman ingarden the literary work of art pdf


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