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Phones Samsung D500

The Samsung SGH-D500 is a slider-style mobile phone created by Samsung. It was announced in Q4 2004 as a replacement to the popular Samsung E800. It has a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with an integrated LED flash. The phone can be purchased in various colors such as black, grey/silver, silver/white, silver/blue, black/blue, and black/silver. The D500 won the prestigious award "the world's best cellphone"[2] at the 3GSM world congress in Cannes, 2005. The SGH-D500 was popular with consumers because of the large screen-size to front-surface ratio, the smooth button and sliding action, powerful flash, and good video/photograph/sound quality. The D500 was regarded as compact and as having a good feature set for its time. Samsung experienced remarkable success with the introduction of the D500 and has therefore introduced several other slider-style mobile phones in recent years, some fairly successful, others not so much. This phone helped to popularise the 'active' sliding phone concept across all brands. The SGH-D500 has been succeeded by the Samsung SGH-D600. There is a very similar variant handset, the SGH-D500E.

phones samsung d500

The newest Galaxy S flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, officially went on sale last Friday around the globe, including in the United States, Europe, Singapore, Australia and Korea. From the early morning of launch day, many people were waiting in line to be among the first to buy one of the popular new devices. In addition, as part of the launch Samsung Electronics opened several Samsung Galaxy Studios, enabling consumers to better experience the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in advance.

We need only two details from you: of your Samsung d500. One is the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of your phone and the second is the name of your carrier. With this information we are able to generate the unlock codes for your Samsung d500.

Phone: ATT samsung galaxy S5 unlock with Quick tips: a. Please donot use wifi or aeroplane mode during unlock. b. Just send your IMEI number and pay at they will send the unlock code c. You will get 4 codes 1. network, 2. provider, 3. subprovider 4. defreeze, in most cases use Network unock code that would be more than enough. d. Unlock code will be delivered within an hour from the time you paid 041b061a72


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