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Isaiah Robinson
Isaiah Robinson

Quran Pak Urdu Tarjuma

Once I had an opportunity to attend Hafiz Ans Nazr sb Quran class in Model Town Lahore, Where he recommended this tarjuma quran by Hafiz Nazar sb and Tafseer Ibne Kaseer sb. Ma Shaa ALLAH I found it EXCELLENT for understanding Quran in Urdu language. I pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY blessings for everybody who participated in this effort in any good way. ALLAH bless us all

Quran Pak Urdu Tarjuma

Download Zip:

I downloaded complete Quran in single file from this link -lafzi-tarjuma-by-hafiz-nazar-ahmad-complete/There is mistake in it page no. 802 is missing there and page no. 803 is repeated two times. Please correct this and give us new correct link.

By any chance you have MP3 / Audio Urdu translation of the Quran, translated by Mohammed Junagadhi?? If yes please share. Something similar: 041b061a72


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