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Marie writes: allow me to introduce you to Travel Photographer, founded by Chris and Karen Coe in 2003 and their annual contest "Travel Photographer of the Year".After years spent working in the travel industry as a professional photographer and finding it was mostly conventional images making it into print, Chris decided to create a way to showcase great travel photography and broaden people's perception of what it can encompass - namely, that it can be much, much more than a pretty postcard image.The contest is open to one and all; amateur and professional photographers compete alongside each other. Entrants are judged solely on the quality of their photographs. There's a special competition to encourage young photographers aged 18 and under; Young Travel Photographer of the Year. The youngest entrant to date was aged just five, the oldest 88. The competition is judged by a panel of photographic experts, including renowned photographers, picture buyers, editor and technical experts.And the 2010 winners have now been announced. Here's a few random photos to wet your appetite - then you can scroll through the amazing winners gallery!

Kathy Random mp4

Hi. I've been struggling with 2 videos built by a vendor that need to be included in our LMS. I created a Storyline 360 module with both videos added. They are each 30 min in length (I know that's not ideal for a number of reasons). The issue I'm having is with the videos freezing in random places. We decreased the size of the files to MP4s because the original MOVs were huge, but we're still having issues with random freezing.

Hi, I'm also having an issue with embedded videos freezing at random times. I have not personally been affected by this issue, but it is being reported by some of our employees. We require them to use Chrome. I have attached the Storyline file for one of the affected trainings.

I have a similar situation. An induction module built by a vendor in Storyline360 with approx 30min of video content within. These MP4 videos within Storyline randomly glitch and freeze. We cannot control what our 2500 contractors per year choose to use as a browser, they typically use Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari (iPhone). Regardless, on my laptop (Lenovo T470s) the video freezing/glitching is still completely random. I'm using both Chrome 83.0.4103.97 and IE 11.0 to test.

My organization facing similar issues with freezing learning content published with LMS. We have tried numerous ways of having it solved by analyzing from perspective of prepared videos, damaged SCORM packages and issues with LMS itself - for now still progressing with LMS vendor to find possible reasons of such situation. We have observed that actually we got 2 main kind of issues: corrupted video files (usually damaged audio paths) and "SOMETHING" with LMS. Once we are able to solve issues with video itsefl by re-rendering videos again, we have no idea what can be wrong with LMS. We are sure that there is something wrong with our LMS, because during process of investigation we have ruled out browsers factor (we mainly testing on Chrome, but have tried on other ones as well, btw. IE perfecty dealing with corrupted video files, so "the force is strong with this old one"), we have tested same content which randomly freezing published with scorm cloud (not our LMS) and observed no issues, so the only guilty one is our LMS. Hope that further investigation will give some results and finally allow to publish longer videos content. Maybe some of you struggled with similar LMS related issues?

I like this idea. I think LF kinda does both? The winner is random but they also feature projects that they liked the best so the prize was just for playing but you could still get the recognition for doing a good project month to month in their Flickr group too.

We have encountered random crashes and bugs in the program. Even those are rare, it does get annoying if that happens during service. When moving between decks, it feels like MS6 is moved backwards in comparison to MS5 and MS4. Being able to skip slides without having to use the mouse is very useful to our church and using the arrow keys then entering was a valuable feature that was lost.Finally, an update to the Android version of MSRemote to match the iOS would improve our experience. 041b061a72


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