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What Kind Of Mattress Should I Buy For My Toddler ((EXCLUSIVE))

The Saatva Crib Mattress is a flippable model that sleeps both infants and toddlers. Designed to make cleaning quick and simple, the mattress has a removable organic cotton cover with a water-repellent barrier. The mattress is also specially treated to help prevent bacterial growth.

what kind of mattress should i buy for my toddler

The mattress is 8 inches thick and offers two distinct feels based on the unique needs of infants and toddlers. The infant side has a firm support layer made from woven eucalyptus fibers, which helps prevent infants from sinking too deeply into the support core. Eucalyptus fibers have a breathable quality, so your child is less likely to overheat. The support core consists of steel coils that promote good airflow through the interior of the bed, especially compared to all-foam models. The bed has reinforced edges and a unique design that helps guide children toward the center of the bed.

The Newton Crib Mattress has a two-stage design that accommodates infants and toddlers. Its Wovenaire core consists of 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer, which makes it more breathable than many other toddler mattresses. The quilted 3D spacer fabric cover is removable and washable.

The mattress is entirely washable. The Wovenaire core can be washed in the shower with soap and water, and it should dry quickly. Regularly cleaning the mattress and its cover helps prevent the buildup of mold, allergens, dust, and bacteria. It is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means that it has been third-party tested and certified for low chemical emissions. This hypoallergenic mattress is particularly suitable for infants with various sensitivities, as it is free of foam, latex, and adhesives.

The Nest Bedding Puffin is a versatile design that accommodates toddlers and older children. The firm (7) mattress helps promote proper spinal alignment and is suitable for any sleeping style. The model comes in three different sizes, with the twin size being most suitable for toddlers.

The bed is 6 inches thick and you can purchase it in a standard crib or mini crib size. The cover is removable and machine washable, which is a nice perk for babies with leaky diapers or toddlers who are toilet training. GREENGUARD Gold certification ensures the mattress has been tested for the presence of hazardous chemicals.

The Avocado Organic Crib Mattress is a flippable model designed to sleep both infants and toddlers. The mattress is made using sustainable practices and organic materials, resulting in a versatile, high-performing crib mattress.

Both versions of the mattress are encased in waterproof organic cotton covers to safeguard the mattress from liquid damage. You can remove and machine-wash the cover whenever a cleaning is needed. An additional waterproof membrane made from non-GMO sugarcane offers extra protection. Measuring 6 inches thick, the mattress should be compatible with any toddler bed sold today.

PricePrice can vary substantially when it comes to toddler mattresses. Dual-sided or flippable mattresses will typically command a higher price-point, since they are meant to last longer and grow alongside your child. Other features like organic covers, waterproofing, and washability may also increase the price.

Firmness LevelFirmness level is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a toddler mattress, as it will help keep your child safe and secure. A mattress that is too soft and conforming can potentially cause suffocation or entrapment. Most toddler mattresses are medium firm or firm.

Sleeping PositionBack sleeping is considered to be the safest sleeping position for toddlers, which is why medium firm to firm mattresses are the best fit. As your child grows, back and stomach sleeping are also considered to be safe.

SupportAn infant requires a different level of support than a toddler, so the infant side of a flippable or dual-sided mattress will usually be firmer than the reverse. For both toddlers and infants, the mattress needs to be supportive enough to encourage proper spinal alignment and prevent too much sinkage.

VersatilitySome mattresses are designed to safely transition from a crib to toddler bed, while other models have two different sides to accommodate a growing child. Flippable models are likely to be the most versatile, as they will comfortably fit a wider age range for your child, which increases their longevity.

Mattress TypeThis refers to the type of material or construction used for the mattress, which will often affect its firmness level and comfort. The most common mattress types for a toddler are foam and innerspring, but there are also hybrid and latex options.

Foam mattresses for toddlers typically contain polyfoam and not memory foam, as the conforming tendency of the latter is not considered to be as safe for young children. Polyfoam generally provides more durable support. The mattress should be firm with an even surface. To prevent the likelihood of off-gassing, shoppers may want to look for models that have been aired out in advance and do not contain any toxic chemicals.

Dual-sided mattresses are appealing because of their versatility and longevity when compared to uniform designs. Depending on the model, dual-sided mattresses will accommodate both an infant and toddler, or a toddler and child up to approximately age 12. The infant side will be extra firm and supportive, while the toddler side will be slightly softer. Dual-sided models may utilize a combination of coils and foam, or consist primarily of foam.

Pocketed coils make up the support core, offering targeted support to the hips and shoulders to prevent uncomfortable sagging. A breathable cover made from Celliant fibers encases the mattress. Celliant is engineered to absorb your body heat, turn it into infrared energy, and confer it back to your body. This process is meant to promote muscle recovery.

The Eco Organic Kids Mattress measures 7 inches thick and is available in twin, twin XL, and full sizes, so it should be compatible with most bunk beds and child-friendly bed frames. We recommend measuring any bunk bed to make sure there are at least 5 inches of clearance between the guard rails and the surface of the mattress.

Side sleepers often prefer a softer mattress to accommodate their hips and shoulders. However, back and stomach sleepers often look for a firmer, more supportive model to prevent their midsections from sinking in excessively.

If your child suffers from allergies, choosing the right mattress can really help to alleviate their symptoms and grant them a far more restful and comfortable nights sleep. The mattress should be hypoallergenic which inhibits the spread of dust mites, preventing them from causing issues for allergy sufferers. Memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and is, therefore, a great mattress solution for any child who suffers from allergies at night.

For your baby's safety, a mattress must fit tightly in the crib. Standard crib mattresses measure 28 by 52 inches, and should be no more than six inches thick. If you can fit more than one finger between the mattress and each side of the crib, the mattress is too small.

To avoid these materials, you should look for mattresses with a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, a Greenguard label, or a CertiPUR-US label. These certifications ensure your mattress is made without harmful toxins and has low VOC emissions.

A twin-size mattress is typically the right size for toddlers and young children and measures 75 inches long and 38 inches wide. Additionally, young children from about three to eight years old are still likely to benefit from a more firm mattress to support their growing bodies.

Toddler mattresses for toddler-sized beds are typically the same size as crib mattresses. Because they are the same size, there are dual-sided mattresses available that offer a very firm side for infants and a medium-firm side for toddlers. Twin and twin extra-long mattresses also offer appropriate sizes for toddlers when matched with the correct bed frames.

A waterproof mattress cover over your toddler's mattresses protects it from stains and moisture and enables you to do quick clean ups when the inevitable accidents happen. More importantly, waterproof covers also help prevent the breakdown of mattress materials, which assists in maintaining firmness.

The younger your child is, the firmer the support they need. Infants in particular need firm, non-sculpting support to prevent suffocation that could lead to SIDS. As your child grows and is ready to transition into a toddler bed, you can opt for a softer mattress. Even then, this kids mattress should have more firmness than an adult mattress. To test for firmness, you can press your hand on the mattress in the center and at the edges. On a properly firm mattress, it should bounce back quickly and not conform to the shape of your hand.

Six inches of eco-friendy foam can be flipped both ways (a firmer side for your infant and a softer side for toddlers craving a little more comfort) growing with you as your child grows. The cotton cover is certified organic and waterproof-backed, ensuring that the mattress stays dry, no matter what the night brings. Like other picks on the list, this one is also Greenguard Gold certified, making it a good pick for eco-conscious parents. It fits all standard cribs and toddler beds.

This posh toddler crib mattress features a luxe, silky cover for a soft feel, and individually wrapped coils surrounded by a foam encasement that ensure your tot will have the best sleep possible during the crib years and beyond. This comfortable mattress is also free from toxic materials, and is CERTIPUR and GREENGOLD certified.

We can all agree that durability is crucial when it comes to toddler mattresses for jumping, tumbling tots. Sealy Baby mattresses feature a tightly woven cotton cover that lends itself to easy clean up, and a waterproof barrier that prevents moisture from spills or accidents from seeping deep into the mattress, which can cause mold or mildew growth. The mattress is stuffed generously with 100 percent cotton to last for years, and all materials are certified non-toxic. 041b061a72


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