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When you use the VCS API to import or export a file to vSAN, the VCS API operation occurs asynchronously. In other words, it would be completed independently of the operation that caused it to occur. This would cause a race condition where VCS failed to detect that the import/export operation was in progress.

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Be sure to review the VMware vSAN Upgrade Notebook before you upgrade to vSAN 6.2 for important information about upgrading your vSAN environment. Use the "Procedure for Upgrading vSAN 6.x to vSAN 6.2" section to upgrade.

To help better understand vSAN 6.0, today's release provides a vSAN 6.0 operational guide that highlights the major features. It is not a replacement for the vSphere 6.5 Integrated Product Documentation. Please check the documentation for more information about these features. The vSAN 6.0 release highlights can be summarized as follows:

The new vSAN 6.0 release includes new features and enhancements. The purpose of this release is to emphasize the upgrade of any existing vSAN environment to vSAN 6.0. Existing customers who are not using vSAN 6.0 can still upgrade to vSAN 6.0. The new features and enhancements are highlighted below.

vSAN 6.0 incorporates a new version of the VMware vSAN Resource Guard feature. The Resource Guard is a dynamic mechanism that allocates and deallocates the resources in the vSAN cluster in an efficient manner to maximize resource utilization. The Resource Guard is enabled by default. However, a customer may disable it if they want to have more control over how resources are allocated in the cluster. For production use cases, the Resource Guard is a must.


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