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Calculate Till Mate Rar

Calculate Till Mate Rar: A Complete Guide

If you are a chess player who wants to improve your tactical skills, you might have heard of the term "calculate till mate rar". But what does it mean and how can you use it to enhance your chess performance? In this article, we will explain the concept of calculate till mate rar, its benefits, and some tips and resources to help you master it.


What is calculate till mate rar?

Calculate till mate rar is a chess training method that involves solving tactical puzzles where the goal is to find the best moves that lead to a checkmate in a given position. The term "rar" stands for "right answer rate", which is a measure of how accurately you can solve these puzzles. The higher your rar, the better your calculation and visualization skills are.

The idea behind calculate till mate rar is to train your mind to see the whole board and all the possible variations that can arise from a move. By doing so, you can avoid blunders, find hidden resources, and exploit your opponent's weaknesses. You can also improve your intuition and pattern recognition, which are essential for finding tactical opportunities in real games.

What are the benefits of calculate till mate rar?

Calculate till mate rar has many benefits for chess players of all levels. Some of them are:

  • It improves your tactical vision and awareness. You can spot more threats and opportunities, and react faster to them.

  • It enhances your calculation and visualization skills. You can see more moves ahead, and evaluate them more accurately.

  • It boosts your confidence and creativity. You can trust your instincts and find more original and effective solutions.

  • It increases your concentration and endurance. You can focus better and longer on the board, and avoid fatigue and mistakes.

  • It helps you overcome psychological barriers. You can cope better with pressure, time trouble, and complex positions.

How to practice calculate till mate rar?

To practice calculate till mate rar, you need to solve tactical puzzles that have a clear checkmate as the solution. You can find such puzzles in books, magazines, websites, apps, or software. The key is to choose puzzles that are suitable for your level, and challenge yourself gradually.

Here are some tips on how to practice calculate till mate rar effectively:

  • Set a time limit for each puzzle. Depending on your level, you can start with 5 minutes per puzzle, and reduce it as you improve.

  • Solve the puzzle in your head before making any moves on the board or the screen. This will train your visualization skills and prevent you from relying on trial and error.

  • Check your answer carefully before submitting it. Make sure you have considered all the possible defenses and counterattacks from your opponent.

  • Analyze your mistakes and learn from them. If you fail to solve a puzzle or make a wrong move, try to understand why you missed the solution or where you went wrong.

  • Keep track of your progress and results. Record your time, score, and rar for each puzzle session, and compare them over time. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and motivate you to improve.

What are some resources for calculate till mate rar?

There are many resources available for chess players who want to practice calculate till mate rar. Here are some of them:

  • . This is a comprehensive chess tactics training system developed by GM Igor Smirnov. It contains over 2000 puzzles with detailed explanations, audio lectures, video lessons, software tools, and more.

  • . This is a video lesson by GM Igor Smirnov where he explains the principles and techniques of efficient calculation in chess.

  • . This is an online article by Simple Dynamic Designs that summarizes the concept of calculate till mate rar and provides some tips and resources for practicing it.


Calculate till mate rar is a powerful chess training method that can help you improve your tactical skills and overall chess performance. By solving tactical puzzles that lead to a checkmate, you can train your mind to see the whole board and all the possible variations. You can also improve your calculation, visualization, intuition, pattern recognition, confidence, creativity, concentration, endurance, and psychological skills. To practice calculate till mate rar effectively, you need to choose puzzles that are suitable for your level, set a time limit, solve them in your head, check your answer, analyze your mistakes, and keep track of your progress. You can also use various resources such as books, websites, apps, or software to find puzzles and learn from experts. Calculate till mate rar is a fun and rewarding way to sharpen your chess tactics and become a better chess player.


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