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Let's Talk Artificial Sweeteners, Specifically Sucralose

This is a topic I am very passionate about because sucralose has had a major impact on my health. For many years I drank diet soda, Diet Mt. Dew, all the time! I thought it was the healthier option since I wasn’t consuming loads of sugar and diet sodas were all the rage. I remember a dentist telling me that it was ruining my teeth and a few year later a chiropractor told me that it was destroying my health. I didn’t listen. Eventually, I began having constant severe debilitating migraines and serious digestion problems and neurological issues. I started cutting things out of my diet. Soda was one of the first things to go because there was something in the back of my mind reminding me of what a couple doctors had once told me. It took time for my body to heal with the help of supplements and healthy eating, but eventually I was able to start living life again. To this day, however, if I end up accidentally consuming something with sucralose or aspartame in it, I have a full blown migraine within a couple hours. Kind of scary huh!? My body knows it is toxic! We have amazing bodies that God has blessed us with, sometimes we just need to slow down and listen to what it is trying to tell us.

One of my favorite quotes is “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

I fully agree with this quote, especially after being very sick for three and a half years. Three and a half years that taught me a LOT about myself. It’s really hard dealing with an illness that isn’t visually noticeable. For the most part, you look normal on the outside, but the pain you feel every day is not okay. The fact that you have difficulty walking or even talking at times is not okay. So, you hide behind closed doors and only the people closest to you know what you are going through. I felt like I was broken and I was embarrassed. It took three years for me to basically figure out, with the help of a holistic doctor, what I needed to do to heal. Prior to that, I went to multiple doctors and specialist, all of whom wanted to prescribe medications for my symptoms. I tried medications for several months and could tell they were making me sicker, so I said, “Enough is enough! I want to know why my body is doing this! Why am I so sick when I’m only in my 40s?” Come to find out, most doctors are not taught to get to the root of the problem; they are only trained to prescribe medications for your symptoms, nothing more, nothing less.

The ultimate answer to my healing and getting my life back was learning what was and was not healthy along with taking the right supplements, so that my body and gut could heal. The reason I went into such detail with this is to show you what you put into your body every single day WILL impact your health. So, my suggestion to you is to read every single label before you consume anything. God given food, the food of the earth, is what is best. Fresh fruits and berries, vegetables, nuts and legumes and if you are a carnivore, make sure you are eating clean unprocessed meat. Avoid sucralose and aspartame like the poisons they are, along with processed prepackaged foods and imitation anything. Even artificial colors and dyes are on the list of toxins to avoid.

Here is a short summary of an excellent article on sucralose that I recently read. I will link the article at the end of this blog.

What is Sucralose? It is an artificial sweetener derived from sugar and contains chlorine aka bleach! *A study showed that with high consumption of Splenda, chlorine is being stored in other areas of your body causing your cells to become toxic! Splenda is the most popular name brand sucralose product.

Symptoms form stored chlorine:

Migraine/Dizziness/Intestinal Cramping/Rashes/Acne/Headaches/Bloating/Chest Pain/Tinnitus/Gum Bleeding

Side effects from Sucralose:

*May cause diabetes

*Increases Risk of digestive problems like IBS

*Alters gut health and damages the GI tract

*Kills pro-biotics which your body desperately needs to keep you healthy

*2008 Duke University study found that Splenda alters the intestine flora as it destroys beneficial bacteria aka pro-biotics

*May play a role in certain cancers

*Generates toxic compounds when heated

*Associated with weight gain

Products that may contain sucralose:

Diet Soda

Sparkling Waters

Diet iced tea products

Juice products

“Sugar Free” sauces, toppings and syrups

Chewing gum (including “Sugarless” products)

“Diet” “Fat Free” and “No Sugar Added” cocoa mixes

Protein and diet bars, powders and shakes

“Sugar Free” baked goods

“Sugar Free” ice-pops and ice creams

“Lite and “No Sugar Added” ice cream products

Popcorn products

“Sugar Free” and “Light” yogurt products

“Sugar Free” or “Light” hard candy

“Sugar Free” chocolates

“Sugar Free” mints and lozenges

Some toothpastes

Is Sucralose safe?


Is Aspartame a better option?

NO, Equally as bad!

Healthier Options


Raw Honey

Maple Syrup

Coconut Sugar

Dates or Date Sugar

Blackstrap Molasses

Organic Agave

Monk Fruit

Erythritol/Xylitol (organic)

Here is the link to the article I mentioned above. It goes into depth about side effects and how sucralose effects your body.

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